Entertainment Weekly Exclusive: How Robert Reed came to play ‘The Brady Bunch’ dad Mike (and who almost got the job instead)

Just one more day until The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch is on sale! Today, Entertainment Weekly ran an excerpt, all about the (much exaggerated) legend of Gene Hackman almost being cast as primetime superdad Mike Brady. Read it HERE, and then read the whole book on December 3!

And thank you, EW, the magazine that made me want to be an entertainment writer.

Online Viewing Party: Let’s Watch ‘A Very Brady Christmas’ Together

To celebrate the release of The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch on December 3 join me for the most stress-free holiday event of your December: A Very Brady Christmas Online Watch Party! At 8 PM ET on Dec. 3, start streaming A Very Brady Christmas on Hulu and join me on Twitter (@tvscreener). We’ll watch the holiday flick together, and I’ll share trivia and give away lots of Brady Bunch merchandise during the movie. And all in the comfort of your jammies!

Remember, on Dec. 3 at 8 PM ET, start streaming A Very Brady Christmas movie on Hulu and join me on Twitter (@tvscreener) so we can have a very Brady Christmas (viewing party) together!

19 Books That Should Be On Your Radar: November/December 2019

Thanks to Daniel Ford at the Writer’s Bone podcast for including The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch on the list of books that should be on your radar this holiday season. I might be more than a little biased, but I think the book would make the grooviest of holiday gifts for, obviously, all the Brady fans on your gift list, but also for any TV fan who will appreciate the influence The Brady Bunch has had — and continues to have! — across so many areas of pop culture.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Turns 50: How the TV Family Helped Me Adapt to an Unconventional Upbringing

I had the chance to be a small part of Jenn Morson‘s touching Parade magazine┬ástory about how The Brady Bunch helped her make sense of her sometimes confusing family situation during her childhood. Jenn’s story is one of many examples of how the show has touched so many viewers across multiple generations and during its original and many syndicated airings.