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From Closer Weekly: Here’s What Happened to Ann B. Davis Before, During and After Playing Alice on ‘The Brady Bunch’

Author and Closer Weekly TV writer Ed Gross gives a complete rundown on Ann B. Davis’ career, including scoop from THE WAY WE ALL BECAME THE BRADY BUNCH about how one of her most beloved characters was the inspiration for Pepper Potts! Thanks for the shout out, Ed!


The Writer’s Bone Podcast Chats About ‘The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch’

Huge, ginormous thanks to Writer’s Bone host Daniel Ford for a great conversation about career beginnings, writing, and, of course, THE WAY WE ALL BECAME THE BRADY BUNCH! Authors, Writer’s Bone is a must for your book tour; Daniel and company love books, writing, writers, pop culture, and everything surrounding those things, and it is a warm, happy place for writers and readers. PS: Daniel is an author himself, with a fantastic short story collection, Black Coffee, that makes for a fine read.